The best tips for hay fever

In case of hay fever, the first rule is: avoid the allergy-causing pollen as much as possible! Therefore, hay fever patients should always know which pollen is currently flying in their region. With strong pollen flight the emergency brake can be pulled then directly and the stay in nature be reduced accordingly. Also planned outdoor sports can then be postponed to another day with lower pollen load in case of need.

Tip: The pollen count app from Hexal keeps you up to date even when you're out and about. Here is the app free for iOS or. Android available for download.

Treat hay fever early

Hay fever is often dismissed as a trifle. But for those affected, the symptoms of allergic rhinitis often mean a significant reduction in their quality of life.

However, this is not the only reason why it is important to take action early in the event of a pollen allergy: If the hay fever is not treated, the symptoms can shift to the lower respiratory tract. Experts speak in this context of a so-called "change of floor". Allergic asthma can then be the result.

Tip: Over-the-counter remedies for hay fever are available in pharmacies, which can provide fast and targeted relief.

Lorano ® Pro: Antihistamine of the new generation

Lorano ® Pro has a fast, strong and long-lasting effect on allergic rhinitis. It does not make you sleepy in the process (frequency sleepiness at placebo level. Frequency fatigue 1.2%) and is ideal for all who want to get fit through the day.

The allergy tablets contain the modern antihistamine desloratadine, the effect of which occurs after only 30 to 60 minutes and lasts for more than 24 hours. Only 1x a day is sufficient!

Lorano ® Pro is suitable for adults and adolescents from 12 years and can also be used to improve the symptoms of hives.

Good to know: Lorano ® Pro is available without a prescription at the pharmacy.

Tip: For children from 2 years Lorano ® Pro is available as a solution with dosing syringe for easier intake and with a pleasant fruit flavor.

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Reduce pollen at home

Pollen is not only "up to no good" in nature, but can also be found in our homes. With certain measures you can reduce the pollen load in your own four walls:

  • Ventilate when the pollen concentration is low: in the city preferably in the morning (6-8 a.m.), in the countryside better in the evening (7 p.m.-2 p.m.); you can also ventilate without problems after a long rain shower, because then the pollen has been washed out of the air, so to speak.
  • Before going to bed: Clothing that you have worn during the day should not be taken off in the bedroom.
  • Extra tip before sleeping: Wash your hair, because pollen usually sticks to it.


Outdoor sports: Tips

Whether it's jogging, Nordic walking or cycling – when our pulse rate goes up, our breaths become more forceful and so does the amount of pollen that enters our respiratory tract.

So if you like to exercise in the fresh air, you should follow a few basic rules:

  • When the pollen count is high, it's better to go to the gym – so always keep an eye on the current pollen count forecast
  • Protect your eyes from contact with pollen by wearing goggles or sunglasses when doing outdoor sports
  • It's best to lace up your jogging shoes right after a long rain shower – because then you don't have to worry about excessive pollen exposure
  • Align your workouts with the times when pollen concentrations are low. This means sporting in the city in the early hours of the morning, and in the countryside in the evening

Hay fever in the car? How to protect yourself

Pollen allergy can also be quite unpleasant when driving a car – and sometimes even dangerous. Because during a severe sneezing attack it is almost impossible to keep an eye on the traffic. This makes it all the more important to take appropriate measures:

  • Drive a car with the windows closed only, if possible
  • Switch off ventilation or. Have a pollen filter installed – this needs to be changed annually
  • Clean air conditioner once a year

Be intentional about choosing your vacation destination

You want to escape the pollen for at least a few days each year? Then, when planning your next trip, keep in mind that there are definitely some destinations where there is usually little to no pollen count. Particularly worth considering:

  • Beach vacation by the sea
  • Vacation on an island, island hopping
  • A cruise
  • A trip to the mountains or. to the high mountains (v.a. from 2.000 meters above sea level, the air also becomes quite thin for pollen)

When to see a doctor for hay fever?

Hay fever is usually easy to treat yourself. In some cases, however, a doctor's visit is important. This is especially true if hay fever occurs in children, during pregnancy or breastfeeding – but also if the symptoms are severe and accompanied by fever or breathing problems.

If there is a chronic underlying disease, hay fever is also a case for the doctor.

In addition, the basic rule is: if the symptoms do not improve within 10 days despite treatment, you should consult your doctor.

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