The best trips and tips for your New Year’s Eve trip

The best trips and tips for your New Year's Eve trip

Imagine it's the morning of the 27th. Decembers: Three days of delicious food around the clock, good conversation and relaxation are behind you. The last Christmas cookies were eaten yesterday. Mulled wine? No thanks, next year again. Coming down a bit at home and spending time with the family was also very good again. The batteries are fully charged and you are already tingling again.

That means it's time for the next adventure. But why wait long? New Year's Eve is the perfect opportunity. That's why we have put together 6 great trips for you, where you can say goodbye to the year 2021 and start adventurously into the new year.

1. Portugal

Whether you love spending time in nature, are a culture lover, go surfing on the beach or all of the above: Faro is your Place to Be!

The Algarve is known for being a surfer's paradise, so a trip there is the perfect opportunity to fight off the Christmas pounds with a few surf sessions. Generally you have a good variety between sportive and cultural activities in Faro. It is definitely worth visiting the old town, which will enchant you with its snow-white houses, sweet alleys and orange trees as far as the eye can see.

If these arguments are still not enough: A trip to Faro won't cut your 2022 travel budget too much, because flights there are very cheap and after all, you're traveling in a group with lots of great TripMates.

Surfing and New Year's Eve party with Yara in the Algarve

2. Madeira

You don't want to spend your New Year's Eve discussing how to spend it, you just want to have a good and uncomplicated time? Then you are exactly right on Madeira with our TripLeaders!

A good restaurant and the bar they trust (Kiki, Figo and Alex know Madeira very well ;)) are already reserved. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy! And although this sounds great, you should be prepared for the highlight: Of course fireworks are part of New Year's Eve, but have you ever seen fireworks from a speedboat and the biggest fireworks in the world? ? No? Then let's go to Madeira!

See the biggest fireworks in the world in Madeira

3. Egypt

Spend New Year's Eve on the beach… If you fancy a whole new New Year's Eve experience and would like to spend some time in the warm, then a short vacation in Egypt is perfect!

With our TripLeader Karim no wishes remain unfulfilled. Since he grew up in Egypt, he knows his way around and has already planned many great activities for you. In Hurghada the possibilities are endless. From a safari in the desert with camel riding and beach buggy driving, to shopping on traditional markets and parasailing, you can gather many new experiences there.

Besides: Who can claim to have discovered the underwater world in a glass boat or even with a submarine??

Start the new year on the beach with Karim

4. Jordan

Attention all adventurous people: If a trip to Jordan hasn't been on your bucket list yet, you should change that as soon as possible. The diversity of the country will definitely enchant you.

In addition to exploring the most important cities of the country, the program also includes an overnight stay in a Bedouin camp in the desert.

After you had the chance to dive into the life of the Bedouins and get an idea of the completely different lifestyle, you will go to Amman, the capital and also the biggest city of Jordan. There you will have the opportunity to taste local specialties and spend the New Year's Eve in one of the numerous bars.

Because New Year's Eve does not fall in the main travel season, you do not have to share Jordan with a lot of tourists.

Experience a very special New Year's Eve with Katharina in Jordan

5. Mexico

White dream beaches, crystal clear water, the sun in the sky and the Caribbean breeze blowing around your nose. After the long months of snow, freezing cold and gloomy weather, it's a welcome change, isn't it??

Mexico has definitely gained in popularity among travelers in recent years and can sometimes seem a bit crowded in the well-known places. If only you could somehow get some insider tips for this dream destination…

Luckily, there's our TripLeader Karla! Karla comes from Mexico and knows her way around there very well. With her you can look forward to a trip with many exciting activities that a normal tourist will not necessarily experience.

From a pink lake, to a boat trip between mangroves, to a visit of one of the seven wonders of the world and an old colonial city: You will get to know Yucatan from a completely different side. And you will celebrate the new year on the beach. Doesn't that sound dreamy?

Discover with Karla the insider tips of Mexico

Hopefully we were able to convince you that New Year's Eve planning doesn't always have to be exhausting. It can also be quite uncomplicated and relaxed and in addition you will meet new friends, spend some time in the warm and start the new year already in the right spirit, namely in the travel fever .

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