The best weekend trips in Germany

The best weekend trips in Germany

What to do on the Whitsun weekend? Or on Ascension Day? These issues are becoming increasingly important, especially now that each state is adopting more and more relaxations to the Corona crisis. We have put together the most beautiful weekend trips in Germany for you, from the North Sea to the Alps, everything is there.

1. Schleswig-Holstein – a maritime weekend

Schleswig-Holstein – welcome to the real north. This motto is not only simply said in the most northern federal state of Germany, but lived. Here you can discover a lot and eat more than just fish sandwiches. Whether you're heading to the North Sea or the Baltic Sea, you'll be blown away. The good thing is that you can divide your weekend trip according to regions. Depending on where you're coming from, it's best to make a plan beforehand for how you'll travel with your road trip travel partner. The most beautiful cities in Schleswig-Holstein are Lubeck, Flensburg and Kiel, because you can get very close to the Hanseatic history and still be at the coast. If you want to stay right by the water, you should check out Scharbeutz, St. Take a closer look at Peter Ording and Eckernforde! No matter which direction you choose – in the north you say "Moin" and "Moin Moin" is already too much!

Weekend trips in Germany: Strandkorbe on the Baltic Sea beach in Schleswig Holstein, optimal for a weekend trip

2. Lake Constance – diving into medieval history

Lake Constance in Baden-Wurttemberg/Bavaria offers you a wide range of activities. Whether you want to swim, sail or surf, it's all possible. This idyllic place will enchant you and is the perfect place for a weekend trip, especially in spring and summer. If you not only want to be physically active, but also culturally educated, you can visit the cities of Constance and Lindau. Constance is the epitome of idyll and is located in both Germany and Switzerland! You can admire many medieval frescoes and murals, which have not been destroyed by the numerous wars. The city of Lindau is already in the Free State of Bavaria and is especially known for its old town island. There you will find the statue of the Bavarian Lion and the stone Lindau Lighthouse. At the harbor there is even still a monument from the 12th century. Century! Lake Constance has so much to offer that your weekend trip will be wonderful – especially with your bike tour travel partner!

Weekend trips in Germany: Lindau in Bavaria, a city on Lake Constance in Germany. You can see colorful houses, the Bavarian Lowe and a stone lighthouse under a blue sky

3. Munich – a unique weekend trip

O'zapft is – to start here simply times directly with a cliche. Beer is drunk in Munich – a lot of beer. And we think that's just fine, because it's not about mindless drinking! In Munich, drinking is a pleasure, whether in one of the many beer gardens or in the famous English Garden. This city lives outside, especially now that it's heading toward summer. Munich will convince you with its serenity and friendliness! Due to the proximity to Italy, you will find many Italian restaurants and wonderful shopping opportunities in the capital of Bavaria, which will take you directly to the regions of northern Italy.

There is also much to discover in Munich. On Sundays you can visit most museums for only 1 €, even the Deutsches Museum and the Pinakotheken, which hold great treasures. If you prefer to experience a little more of nature, the English Garden is just right for you. With 3.75 square kilometers, it is thus larger than Central Park in New York City! In many places you can just relax on the banks of the Isar and cool your feet or your whole body on a hot day. Surfing is no problem either, as the Eisbach wave attracts thousands of adrenaline junkies every year, right in the city center. Munich is a quiet metropolis, you won't find a neighborhood, but that doesn't make the city less suitable for a weekend trip.

Weekend trips in Germany: Munich the state capital, photographed from the Frauenkirche on a sunny day, perfect for a weekend trip

4. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – a weekend in nature

"Meck-Pom" has one thing above all: many beautiful natural landscapes. You should come here if you want to spend the Ascension weekend in a relaxed way and just be by the water. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has not only the Baltic Sea, but also numerous lakes on the Mecklenburg Lake District. And in between there are beautiful Hanseatic cities just waiting to be explored. These include, of course, the state capital Schwerin – with Schwerin Castle, the port city Wismar and Rostock – known for its Christmas market and the Kropeliner-Tor suburb (here you will meet hipsters). However, the island of Rugen and Warnemunde, the city with the most beautiful beaches in the country, are particularly popular. This state is very good for camping, so you and your RV travel partners will have a lot of choice of sites, especially on the waterfront.

Weekend trips in Germany: several lakes on the Mecklenburg Lake District in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. A ferry ride on a large lakes in the direction of a small town on the rRand of the blue lake

5. Moselle region around Trier – Wine at the weekend

If you haven't had enough of wine yet, here's another region – the Mosel region around Trier. Culinary delights and history come together here, so perfect for culture lovers. Trier is one of the oldest cities in Germany, where you can follow the footsteps of the Romans, who founded this city. There are many sights that you should not miss. These include the UNESCO World Heritage Site Porta Nigra, some thermal baths, the amphitheater and a basilica. However, you should start the weekend trip outside, with a wine tasting of the most beautiful Mosel wines. The Moselle region is also perfect for a hiking tour, because the view over the Moselle from numerous vantage points will impress you greatly. If you drive a bit further north, you will come across the beautiful town of Cochem, which has rightly been called the most beautiful town in Germany. This is where you go to experience beautiful, indulgent weekend getaways in Germany.

Weekend trips in Germany: Cochem, a town in Rhineland-Palatinate under a blue sky. This city is famous the Reichsburg Cochem on a hill mitt in the city. The city is located directly on the Moselle River

6. Saxon Switzerland – a different kind of weekend

Since Switzerland is closed for German citizens at the moment, we have to find another region that is just as impressive – and for us this is Saxon Switzerland. In Saxon Switzerland you will find the legendary Elbe Sandstone Mountains, with dense forests and dramatic rock formations. If you love hiking, here are 1.100 rocks and a wide network of hiking trails. The most famous rock in the Elbsandsteingebirge is the Basteifelsen (you can see it on the photo). A city you definitely have to see in this area is Konigstein. This city is located right on the Elbe River and takes you back in time a few centuries through historic buildings. Saxon Switzerland will force you to slow down. If this is what you are looking for and you don't want to explore big cities, but nature, then this national park is the right place for you. Here you can enjoy the different weekend trips in Germany!

Weekend trips in Germany: The Basteibrucke at the Basteifelsen in Saxon Switzerland. Suitable for a weekend trip

7. Berlin – Weekend with Big City Flair

You must see Berlin at least once. Not only because it is our capital, but also to get to know the flair of the "new New York City". Berlin's urban atmosphere has created many unique places – from the world-famous flea market in Mauerpark to the latest concepts around small cafes, such as Steel Vintage Bikes. Berlin is bubbling over with activities that you can do, because even the 3.7 million Berliners do not want to be bored on the weekend. The most important thing to do in Berlin is to visit both the East and the West. The Wall has left deep traces all over the country and in our capital city you can experience them first hand. For example, you can stroll through the Mall of Berlin – a shopping mall built on the old wall. The best view you have of course from the Berlin TV Tower! There is just too much to experience to highlight everything in this article, but one thing is for sure: you will never forget a weekend in Berlin again. Especially if you experience it with motivated and cool travel partners. Take a look at our community, you will surely come across these people.

Berlin, the capital of Germany, photographed from the Tiergarten overlooking the city center

8. Southern Wine Route – a weekend in "Italy

The Southern Wine Route in Rhineland-Palatinate is often called the "German Tuscany". So you know what this is all about – miles and miles of vineyards! Here, of course, we don't only want to talk about wine drinking, but also the other activities you can undertake. There are numerous castles and palaces that you can explore and museums can also be found here. You would rather do something active? Super! There are numerous hiking and biking trails, which you can also view online. Trekking is also no problem, especially in connection with wild camping! There's even an app for the entire region that has everything you need to know about activities, restaurants, and lodging. And if you are then exhausted in the evening in your vacation apartment, tent or hotel, authorize you in any case a glass of wine, you should not miss under any circumstances! We are sure that you will enjoy this weekend trip very much.

The southern wine route in Rhineland-Palatinate with numerous vineyards and a small village in the middle under a blue sky. A good region for a weekend trip

9. Harz – weekend in the footsteps of history

The Harz mountains are often forgotten when it comes to planning a weekend trip. But although the Harz is in the shadow of the Erzgebirge, it has at least as much to offer. The Harzbahn, which runs through the entire region, will remind you a lot of the famous Hogwarts Express from Harry Potter. There are just as many myths and legends about the German low mountain range. These are mainly from the mining industry, which was still very strong until a few decades ago. Today you can also visit numerous mining tunnels, such as the Rammelsberg ore mine, and imagine what it must have been like to work down there in the dark. But in the Harz mountains you can also go high up! The Brocken and the Wurmberg are popular destinations, especially because of the cable cars, which are used daily to get to the top. However, if you want to be physically active, you can of course also walk. In the Harz, things are a bit more rustic, you'll find a lot of rather old-fashioned accommodations – but this fits the charm of the region and is super for weekend trips in Germany!

Man standing on a mountain in the low mountain range Harz and looking down into the deep valleys

10. Hamburg – our pearl

Hamburg is our pearl and not only because we are at home there with JoinMyTrip. Here you will find bustling city life right on the waterfront, perfect for you and your city break travel partner. We do not know where to start. The best place to start your weekend trip is Hamburg's main train station, which is right in the city center. From here you can visit the Jungfernstieg and take a Schippertour on the Alster river. Afterwards you can head to the harbor and spend almost a whole day there. You can walk from the world famous Reeperbahn to the new Hafen City and discover the history of Hamburg on this route.

You will stroll through the Speicherstadt and experience firsthand how trade has been conducted there for hundreds of years. And if you love horror, then a visit to the Hamburg Dungeon is a must! The harbor city will impress you with innovative climate concepts and special architecture – the centerpiece is the Elbphilharmonie or Elbphi. Our insider tip: Get a ticket for the viewing platform directly on site, which are free of charge! And from here you can overlook the entire city and discover the architecture of Hamburg's "building sin. Saving tip #2: Take the ferry 62. This offers you a harbor tour for free! You should end the evening at the Elbe beach, with a unique view of the Hamburg harbor and with a Franzbrotchen in your hand – just like in Barcelona in northern Germany! Hamburg is definitely one of the important places among the weekend trips in Germany.

Hamburg, photographed in the evening in the Speicherstadt with a view of the Elbphilharmonie on a bridge

You can see that our country is not only good for day trips in the region, but also for weekend trips in Germany, which may be a little further away. If you need more inspiration on the subject, here are 10 inspiring regions in Germany and also the most beautiful hiking routes in our country.

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