The franciscan monastery in berlin: a dark legend

Many historic buildings in Berlin have a long and interesting history. However, the Franciscan monastery is particularly notorious. The ruins of the monastery, which was built in the 13. The monastery, which was built in the nineteenth century, is now a popular setting for ghost hunters and spooky stories. But how did this gloomy legend come about?

Over the centuries, the monastery has been repeatedly rebuilt and expanded. It was an important place for the monastic and educational history of Berlin, but also a center of cultural and scientific activities. But in 1781, the monastery was destroyed by fire, and the monks left the building forever.

Since then, the monastery has not been maintained and is visibly decaying. Nevertheless, it attracts many visitors who are drawn to its somber atmosphere and mysterious stories. Some report unexplained noises, others strange apparitions or even ghostly apparitions.

Whether or not these legends are true, the Franciscan Monastery remains a fascinating and mysterious relic of times past. The building has an eventful history and is now an important site of Berlin’s cultural heritage. It is worthwhile to visit the ruins and see for yourself how the history of the monastery comes to life.

History of the Franciscan monastery in Berlin

The Franciscan monastery in Berlin was built in the 13. Founded in the sixteenth century, it was one of the oldest monasteries in the city. For a long time, it served as a place of meditation and spiritual refuge for the Franciscans who lived in Berlin.

In the 18. However, in the nineteenth century the monastery was abandoned and slowly deteriorated into ruins. It was soon used as a hiding place for thieves and criminals, which led to a dark legend about the monastery.

The legend says that the monastery was inhabited by a man who had murdered his family and was now living in the ruins of the monastery. He allegedly performed strange rituals and sacrifices and lured many people to the monastery to kill them.

Although this legend was never proven, the monastery remained an eerie place and was not restored until the 19th century. Used again in the twentieth century. Today, a modern church stands on the site of the old monastery and the area is used as a park.

The franciscan monastery in berlin: a dark legend

The dark legend of a Berlin ruin

In the middle of Berlin, close to Alexanderplatz, there is the former Franciscan monastery. But today, all that remains of this monastery is a ruin surrounded by a dark legend.

The legend says that in the monastery long ago lived a monk who sold his soul to the devil. Since then, his restless spirit is said to roam the ruins looking for victims.

The franciscan monastery in berlin: a dark legend

It is also known that during the Second World War the ruins were used as a camp by the Nazis. Many people are said to have been tortured and killed here.

Despite this, the ruins still attract many tourists and onlookers who are attracted by the gloomy atmosphere. Whether the legend is true or not, however, remains uncertain.

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