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Corporate credit cards are special credit cards that are particularly advantageous for employees in the field. For business executives, corporate cards offer some advantages, such as simplified expense reports and business travel services. Extensive fringe benefits are also offered.

Advantages of corporate credit cards and corporate cards

corporate credit card

Corporate credit cards, also known as corporate cards or business cards, bring some advantages especially for people who work in the field or generally travel a lot. For example, accounting for travel expenses is much easier, saving employers a lot of hassle.

Even expense reporting is completely automatic and provides tax benefits. In general, the administrative burden is minimized, since neither receipts have to be archived nor company expenses have to be laid out. Thus, a company credit card relieves the burden on employees as well as on accounting and tax consultants.
Of course, cost control is also a great advantage of the corporate credit card. Expenses can be conveniently viewed and payments made via online banking.
In addition, different additional services are offered depending on the supplier. These are, for example, bonus miles, extensive controlling tools and optional insurances.
The possibility of customizing the credit card with the company logo is undoubtedly also a great advantage for companies. The advantages of a company credit card are as follows:

  • Minimized administrative burden
  • Separation of personal and business expenses made easier
  • Easier to control costs
  • Possibility to use the company logo
  • Additional services offered by vendors

The different providers: Visa, Mastercard and Amex

There are several providers for corporate credit cards. Among the best known are Airplus (Visa) and American Express, which offer both corporate cards and travel cards. Corporate World also offers a total solution that includes a travel expense report in addition to Mastercard credit card and online booking software. Travel agencies also offer business cards. For example, the provider BCD, which offers American Express cards or the Santander Consumer Bank, which relies on Visa. In addition, there are several smaller providers. Among the largest providers:

Standard terms and conditions – insurance coverage often included

While providers each offer their corporate credit cards at different rates, the costs are mostly relatively similar. AirPlus, for example, charges about 20 euros per year for a single corporate credit card. Spare and emergency cards cost extra. The costs here are usually covered by the employer.

Providers are also similar in the area of additional services. Transportation accident insurance and insurance coverage are usually included in the company car.

Insurance for rental cars and premium programs are usually optional and cost between 20 and 50 euros per year for most providers. The optional courier service is mostly charged on a time and material basis.
In addition, all vendors provide their own applications that can be used to evaluate and analyze sales.

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