The most beautiful cities in the world

The most beautiful cities in the world

At least we have Paris! And other beautiful cities to escape to…

Cities are the roots of the history of many cities and this is what makes city trips so interesting. It feels like you're walking through the spirit of the place. In some cities you can discover so much that you will never get enough. Are you looking for a new adventure? Then take a city tour to one of the most beautiful cities in the world with your TripMates 😍

Feel like you're in the "Sound of Music": Salzburg, Austria

The mountains are alive! The city of Salzburg was one of the main filming locations for the famous movie Sound of Music, and you'll feel like you're right in the middle of the action if you visit. The city of Salzburg is located in the north center of Austria and is the fourth largest city in the country. Salzburg is called 'Salzburg' because the river in the city, the Salzach, was once used to transport white gold.

The Sound of Music is not the only famous musical masterpiece to come out of this city. One of the most famous composers, Mozart, was also born here. You can actually visit Mozart's birthplace, which is located right in the center of the city. For "Sound of Music" fans, a must-see in the city is the Mirabell Gardens, where you can find many filming locations of the famous play.

The city of Salzburg can be considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world because it is nestled right in the mountains. The city's elevations provide ample opportunity to admire the city from many different angles! The best place to look at the magical city of Salzburg is from:

  • The hiking trails of the Mönchsberg, which lead to the Hohensalzburg Fortress
  • The view Kapuzinerberg, if you climb the Imbergstiege
  • Gaisberg, a small mountain nearby that can be reached by bus from Mirabellplatz (here you can also admire the mountain scenery!)

Salzburg is also the perfect starting point for a day trip to Berchtesgaden or St. Gallen. Gilgen to enjoy the mountains to the fullest.

Salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its surroundings and its old houses!

An alternative to Bruges: Ghent, Belgium

Bruges is often listed as one of the top cities to visit in Belgium, and while the city is definitely worth a visit, there is a less crowded alternative: Ghent. It's not that tourists haven't discovered this destination at all, but you'll most likely have a little more room to yourselves. Bruges is known for its canals that run through the city, and you'll find the exact same thing in Ghent as well. One of the best ways to experience the medieval architecture of the city is to take a free walking tour of the city. From the St.-Michael Bridge you will have one of the best views of all of Ghent. You should also check out the rich Belgian beer culture, perhaps paired with Belgian fries or a Belgian waffle!

Blue City: Chefchaouen, Morocco

The streets of this blue painted city are a maze waiting to be explored. The surrounding landscape of the mountains is also simply amazing. One thing to keep in mind here is that the winter months tend to get cold and although, yes, you are in Africa, pack some sweaters! You should also keep in mind that in some Moroccan areas it is considered polite to dress conservatively, so make sure you respect the local culture. Join one of JoinMyTrips adventures to Morocco!

In this city, it's best to just wander aimlessly while taking as many photos as you can

Paris goes simply always!

Paris is one of those cities that never gets boring. Seriously, no matter how many times you go or who you go with, the trip will likely always give you a new perspective on the City of Love and Light. Although it could most likely go on forever, some of the top activities for this incredible city are:

  • A visit to Montmartre, a hilltop artists' village: see Paris from above, buy some street art and admire the magnificent Sacré-Cœur
  • A picnic in the Jardin des Tuileries with fresh pastries from a Parisian pâtisserie
  • A visit to the Louvre or one of the city's other famous art museums
  • A bottle of champagne at the Eiffel Tower at dusk, where there is a light show every hour as night falls
  • A walk around Île de la Cité at sunrise, preferably with a coffee and croissant in hand
  • A drink on the roof of Galeries Lafayette
  • Store on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and climb the Arc de Triomphe to take in the views of the city

The city of bagpipes: Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh definitely makes it on this list as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This medieval wonder will make any visitor feel like they're part of a Harry Potter movie. When visiting Edinburgh, it's best to take time to stroll through the city's many cobblestone streets, alleys and stairways. Seriously, it feels like you are in a movie! Another experience you should not miss is a hike to Arthur's Seat, where you can experience the Scottish nature with a view of the city. Experience a Scotland trip with JoinMyTrip!

As one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Edinburgh has a lot to offer and should definitely be visited

The center of tradition: Kyoto, Japan

The city of Kyoto is home to Japan's traditional culture and one of the few places where you can still see a geisha in a kimono. One of the top experiences in Kyoto is exploring its many temples. One more magnificent than the other, the temples are also surrounded by peaceful gardens and forests or pavilions, giving tourists plenty of opportunity to experience the zen that makes up this entire city. Another unique experience you can have in Kyoto is to participate in a tea ceremony. Escape to Japan with this itinerary.

A city of color: Havana, Cuba

The streets of Havana will leave a lasting impression on any globetrotter. Plus, Havana is a very budget-friendly city break destination! Experience the real Cuba by taking a tour in a vintage American car and, of course, smoke a Cuban cigar. Some places you should check out in Havana are:

Here are some of our best insider tips.

A Greek Paradise: Oia, San Torini

This whitewashed town of Oia in Greece overlooking the ocean is simply paradise. The sunsets from the hill are simply incredible. While in you should spend some time doing these activities in Oia:

Of course there are many more beautiful cities in the world, but these are simply some of the best! At JoinMyTrip you can find like-minded TravelMates to go on adventures like this with you, either join an already planned trip or just plan your own trip. Get going now! 😉

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