The special Chicago Pizza: Deep Dish Pizza from the Windy City

Chicago – over 2 million people live in the third largest city in the U.S. The "Windy City" at Lake Michigan is famous for its breathtaking skyline and its culinary delicacy: The Deep Dish Pizza.

The world's first skyscrapers were built here. Architects like Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright are among the famous master builders. Chicago is also the home of the American jazz scene. In the 1920s, greats like Louis Armstrong played here and gangster boss Al Capone ruled the nightlife. An eventful city history that still shapes the pulse of the city today.

During my 2-day stay I was mainly interested in one thing – what can you eat here?? Because in Chicago they still eat, and they eat right. Loosen your leather belt and leave the skinny jeans at home, because whether in Greek Town, Little Italy or China Town – Chicago has something to offer for every taste.

Chicago Skyline

European immigrants, including Germans and Poles in particular, have left their culinary mark. And these can be spotted all over the city. Whether it's hot dogs in a poppy seed bun, giant pizzas or pierogies with fried onions and sour cream, to call Chicago cuisine low-calorie would be the understatement of the century.
One calorie sin in particular is famous – the Deep Dish Pizza.

Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago

Chicago's culinary flagship is baked in a tall dish, which is then topped with cheese and doused with tomato sauce. About 45 minutes we wait for our pizza, you should be prepared for that. I order the "smallest" size; only with cheese and tomato sauce.

Even two of us can hardly manage this little cheese monster. The taste is unusual for Europeans, who are mostly used to the super-thin Italian pizzas with fresh toppings. The Deep Dish Pizza is rather mighty and tastes primarily, what else, of cheese.

Explore Chicago by bike

A culinary experience, in its very own way. Thank God we had rented one of the many for the day and were able to pedal off the giant pizza again.

The Chicago Deep Dish Pizza – a mini restaurant guide

Pizzeria Uno
It is said that the operators of Pizzeria Uno invented the Deep Dish Pizza in the 1940s. But it is not very clear. Today Uno is a restaurant chain and operates a branch in Chicago.

One of the most famous restaurant chains in Chicago. The Deep Dish's recipe is said to be based on a 200-year-old Italian family recipe. The pizza was consistently touted to us as the best in Chicago. There are over 18 branches in the city.

Gino's East
Gino's operates several pizzerias in the city. The famous deep dish pizza has been served here since 1966.

Deep Dish Pizza Chicago

Chicago – Worth it?

After my 4-week trip to the USA, I was frequently asked what I liked best about
liked. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago or maybe New York? A
Question that is difficult to answer, if not impossible. Comparing Chicago to Los Angeles is like comparing Munich to Berlin. Doesn't work somehow and, quite honestly, doesn't help either.

Chicago Skyline

But Chicago is definitely the most down-to-earth metropolis I've visited in the U.S. In retrospect, I wouldn't pick the cheapest hostel in Greek Town again. Large bathrooms with rickety toilet doors and Syrtaki music all night long are not for me anymore. Your own fault if you are a cheapskate.

But I will never forget the moment when I saw the Chicago skyline for the first time. Just absolutely stunning even for non-big-city people. For architecture fans even a must. And in the summer, everyone gets their money's worth at Lake Michigan anyway. For those who have had enough of the big city, just take a breath of sea air here.

Guest author Janina Amendt is a real Ruhrpott girl, but she lived in Berlin-Kreuzberg for the last 6 years. She recently moved to Munich and has been a Dirndl and hiking fan ever since.
Together with Linda Mustafa she writes about traveling, eating, Berlin and sometimes Munich.

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