The ultimate safari guide: what you should know about safaris in Nepal

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The land of the highest mountains in the world, can convince not only with its legendary heights. Many animals love to live in the tropical forests of Nepal – The perfect condition for your safari adventure in Nepal! Our local experts answer your questions about the what, where, how and when of Nepali safaris.

This is what you can experience during your safari in Nepal

Traveler on elephant

A safari in Nepal can offer you a lot and can definitely keep up with the offer in South Africa or Namibia.

  • Ride on elephant back through the jungle
  • Start your adventure drive with a 4WD jeep through the jungle
  • Jump over your shadow and dare to walk on two legs in the middle of the jungle on a walking safari
  • Plunge into a rafting adventure or experience a leisurely boat ride surrounded by jungle
  • Experience Nepal's wildlife up close: watch exotic birds in idyllic settings & watch playful elephants splash in the water
  • Stay in quietly located jungle lodges
  • Be captivated by the lush green tropical scenery
  • Learn more about Nepal's flora & fauna: Let a local guide show you the special features of the flora & fauna in German

Animal Highlights – Which animals can you discover?

A rare snow leopard in Nepal

A rare snow leopard in Nepal

In Nepal the animal sightings differ between the jungle and the high regions. To help you decide, we have listed the animal highlights of both regions:

In the jungle

  • The dangerous Bengal Tiger or also called Royal Bengal Tiger
  • Respectful armored rhinos
  • Playful elephants
  • Cheerful monkeys
  • Large crocodiles
  • Colorful birds

In the high regions

  • The graceful snow leopard
  • Fluffy bunnies
  • Little panda bears and black bears
  • Musk deer
  • Himalayan gyres
  • Himalayan marmots and many more

Top 3 Safaris in Nepal

1. Safari in Chitwan

Rhinos in Chitwan National Park

Rhinos in Chitwan National Park

The Chitwan National Park is the oldest nature reserve in Nepal and is pure jungle. It is located in the Terai as the southern foothills of the Himalayas. Here you can see a wide range of wild animals in their natural habitat.

Predominantly sal trees, also pines, creepers and bush to open grassland


Rafting on the Narayani River surrounded by crocodiles and migratory birds

2. Safari in Bardia

Two tigers in Bardia National Park, Nepal

Two tigers in Bardia National Park, Nepal

Bardia National Park is located close to the border with India, in western Nepal. The somewhat remote location is sometimes the reason for its unspoiled nature. The park is also largely spared from environmental influences. You can observe rare animals very close here in dreamlike wilderness: From Gangetic dolphins cavorting in the rivers, to swamp crocodiles, to rare tigers.

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