THE WYLD SHOW: visual fireworks

The WYLD Show

The pair of artists are hovering a few meters above the ground when it happens: She does a somersault, grabs his hand – slips and falls into the depths unbraked. Shocked shouts in the audience. Shocking. There the saving rope intervenes in the last second. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. The artist was secured. It remains the only really visible flaw in THE WYLD, the spectacular, almost perfectly planned show at Berlin's Friedrichstadtpalast.

THE WYLD SHOW: top show – only without story

E xperience a truly cosmic love story and, with over 100 artists, the most elaborate show outside of Las Vegas on the largest theater stage in the world," says artistic director Dr. Bernhardt Schmidt in the program booklet. That sounds good, but is not quite comprehensible. For sure: The show is a visual firework full of first-class artists. But love story? This show is meant to tell a story? There is not the slightest sign of it. With good will you can see "THE WYLD" as the concept behind everything.

THE WYLD SHOW: A designer's LSD trip

The show by Parisian designer Thierry Mugler and Roland Welke looks like what you would imagine an LSD trip to look like. Colorful, racy, splendid, surprising. Coherently choreographed and rousingly staged. Picture-perfect. Aesthetically. Atmospheric. A feast for the eyes and ears. Only your brain, you'd better leave it at the checkroom as well (3 €). All in all, THE WYLD is the dream of a designer who doesn't know how to tell stories. A staging that relies solely on visuals and acoustics.

THE WYLD SHOW: excellent with small weaknesses

Show act follows show act. Mostly the contributions are excellent. But sometimes also superfluous. The dog show, for example, seems like a foreign body in the futuristic performance, which would be better off in a traveling circus. It gets downright silly when Nefertiti comes to life in the museum and gets on a bike with a BMX artist, who coolly and distantly reels off his program and probably takes part in the show because they found "THE WYLD".

Conclusion of the WYLD SHOW

Good ideas are definitely there. For example, the double-headed Janus actor, who represents a woman in the front and a man in the back. Or the many artists who line up one behind the other and bring an Indian Shiva figure to life with their arms. In short: THE WYLD provides the audience with a lavish feast for the eyes and ears. With brilliant artists who perform on an international level. But one expects a story in vain. This is a pity, because with a story, the evening would surely stay in your memory even longer. So: Switch off your brain and enjoy.

Tickets to the WYLD SHOW are available here.
Best seats in the WYLD SHOW: in the middle. Parquet left, row 13, seats 30 and 31.

After the WYLD SHOW: A cab stand is located opposite the Friedrichstadtpalast.
There are numerous restaurants and bars in Friedrichstrabe and Oranienburgerstrabe.
For example the mirchi

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