These Simple Car Hacks Every Car Owner Must Know!

We all know how to drive a car and how to operate it – and that without having taken a look at the car manual beforehand. We automatically know how to turn on the windshield wipers, air conditioner or rear fog lamp. At least we hope so! Some people are even advanced enough to change car tires themselves. But did they already know these simple but incredibly efficient car hacks? We have compiled a list of ingenious tips and tricks around the subject of the car, which save you a lot of time, money and effort. One gets many small to medium-size autoproblems in such a way completely simply into the grasp!

Car Hacks You Just Have To Know

Car Hacks That You Simply Have To Know

Ziploc your side mirrors in winter

Driving in the winter isn't all that much fun for most of us, and a big part of that doesn't even have to do with driving a car! Simply starting the car, shoveling a path, warming up the engine, clearing the car of misting, and scraping snow or ice off the windows and windshields, all while your hands get colder and colder, can make the prospect seem like a mission . But there are things that can make it a little easier; to save some time de-icing your wing mirrors, tie a pressure seal bag to each of them when you park your car for the night (in a pinch, you could try regular plastic bags, just make sure to tie as tightly as possible). .

These Simple Car Hacks Every Car Owner Should Know

Remove dents in the car yourself

Dents in the car are not a pretty sight. Not to mention, they go hand in hand with a loss of value. We tell you how to get rid of the dents yourself. First, boil some water, which is poured generously over the affected area in the second step. Because of the heat, the sheet should correct itself back to its original shape in the best case scenario. If the dent is a little more stubborn, you can help it along with a suction cup. If the damage was not enormous, these tricks should remedy the situation!

Remove dents in the car yourself

Polishing headlights properly

Over time, the headlights are affected by bad weather and dirt. But don't worry, we reveal how you can save your nerves and your wallet. This all-purpose cleaner is guaranteed to already be in your bathroom cabinet. We are talking about toothpaste. Sounds strange at first, but it actually works wonders! It is best to apply with a damp kitchen cloth and polish vigorously. Caution: never polish over the paintwork. Voila, the polishing agents in toothpaste give the headlights a new shine!

Polishing headlights correctly

Polishing headlights properly

Staple remover as a ring opener for the key ring

We all know the problem: you have a new key and want to attach it to your key ring. This may sound easy in theory, but often it can feel like breaking all your fingernails. Who would have thought that the solution has been on our desk all along: the staple remover! Press the prongs of the staple remover onto the slot in the ring until it opens a crack and you can slide the key with the eyelet into the ring – or get it out from the ring. Thumbs up for this ingenious trick!

Stapleless ring opener for the key ring

A shower shelf For more storage space

If you are one of those people who are prepared for any situation, then you probably already have an emergency kit in your trunk. A kit like this includes oil, windshield wiper fluid, funnel, rag, flashlight and more. Our tip for this is to install a shower rack in the trunk, which can be attached to the car wall using adhesive strips. Now there is an end to objects rolling wildly through the trunk. Everything has its fixed place. You also avoid "accidents" – not that the oil ends up doing more damage than good!

A shower shelf Fur more storage space

Make the garage safer with pool noodles

Cars are getting bigger and wider. Our garages do not. It can quickly happen that the doors hit the side of the garage wall and you have an unwanted dent in the door. But there is a simple solution: a pool noodle. Simply cut the pool noodle lengthwise and attach it to the garage wall at door height (z.B. with the help of nails or tesa strips). Now if someone opens the door with a little too much gusto, this time they'll bump into the safe pool noodle. The door and the garage wall are finally safe!

Make the garage safer with pool noodles

Make the garage safer with pool noodles

Use a cereal box as a car trash can

Do you know this? You don't have to do much at all and still the garbage accumulates in the car. If you are not careful and leave food lying around and place the car in the sun, unpleasant odors can develop. Surely no one wants their car to smell like a garbage dump. So a trash can with a lid would be a good idea. You don't have to buy anything fancy, you can just use a plastic cereal box. Simply line the container with a plastic bag and you're done. The garbage goes to an odorless place and can be easily disposed of!

Using a Muslim Holder as a Car Bin

The advantages of tinting film

Did you know that factory tint only darkens the car window, but provides almost no UV protection? In contrast, tinting film provides almost complete protection from UV and IR radiation. In addition, high-quality tinting films offer efficient heat protection. A good heat or cold protection also has a positive effect on consumer costs, because you significantly reduce the use of air conditioning and heating. And another plus is that the film is a splinter shield. And very important: the foil prevents a strong glare by the sun.

The advantages of toning film

The advantages of toning film

Quick and easy de-icing of frozen car windows

Everyone knows the following scenario: It's an early winter morning, you're in a hurry to finally get going, but you still have to de-ice the entire car first. We have a trick for you that can make your work a lot easier. Next time park the car with the windshield facing east! What sounds like mumbo jumbo at first is just logical, because the sun rises in the east. If you park the car so that the sun can shine unhindered on the windshield, the ice will thaw all by itself. Of course, the whole thing works only if you do not have to leave before sunrise..

Quick and easy de-icing of frozen car windows

Increase the range for the key

Everyone knows that feeling of insecurity while running away from the car: Did you really lock? If you have a key with a radio transmitter, we can explain how to save a few extra meters. To improve the reach for the key, you have to hold it under your chin or against your head. The liquid in our head amplifies the signal and thus improves the range. For one person this hack changes their life, for another it at least serves as a cool party trick!

Increase the range for the key

Increase the range of the key

A magnetic painting board facilitates long trips with children

The parents among us know exactly how challenging long car rides with children can be. Bored children do not make good travel companions. Not to mention the mess they leave behind when they eat. So we suggest adding a magnetic painting board to your car toy collection. On the one hand, they are the ideal entertainment tool for on the road. You can paint without mess, the "paint" never runs out and the pen is not constantly lost. And the highlight: the painting board can also be used as a food tray. Crumbs, water stains and co. are finally a thing of the past!

A magnetic painting board facilitates long journeys with children

A magnetic painting board facilitates long journeys with children

With this home remedy the tires appear in new shine

The maintenance and care of the car can quickly go into the money. But there are also some home remedies that are a little easier on the wallet. Especially the topic of tire care should not be ignored. After all, they get us safely from A to B. Regular cleaning is inevitable in this context. A combination of cola and dishwashing liquid can work wonders and remove all brake dust and road dust from the rims. A tip from the professional: Cola can also maintain the tire rubber.

With this home remedy the tires appear in new splendor

Pantyhose as a V-belt replacement

This – one must almost say – myth has persisted for many years. Today, modern models are equipped with straps made of a much more tensile material and with multiple cross-sections. Nylon would not stand a chance. With the old cars the thing looks still different. Are you stuck with an older station wagon car and for some inexplicable reason can't get help, but have a nylon stocking handy, then you can use the pantyhose makeshift as a fan belt. At least in the short term, to get to the nearest gas station or a place with cell phone reception.

Tights As V-belt replacement

Nail polish against small scratches?

If you have a small scratch in the car paint, it is often not worth it to have it professionally restored. However, if left untreated, the scratch can become a rust spot. Often you can find on the Internet therefore the tip to use nail polish in a similar color. However, we do not recommend this, as the paint cannot withstand wind and weather and may even do more damage than good. We recommend getting a touch-up stick in the exact shade from the car manufacturer. You can't go wrong with this!

Nail polish against small scratches

Iced door lock: How to de-ice it

Salt, snow, frost – winter is no bed of roses for our cars. In the process, not only the windows can freeze over, but also the car lock. To thaw an icy door lock again, there are different possibilities. One of them is especially useful in times like these. Hand disinfectant can be the ideal solution. Best to put some directly on the key or lock. The alcohol in the solution melts the ice and allows the buckle to move freely again.

Iced door lock How to de-ice it

Why you should keep your seatbelt fastened in summer

Do you know that? You want to buckle up in the summer, but are afraid of getting a third-degree burn on the metal part of the belt? The metal parts are in the car of the Solle and heat mercilessly exposed and heat up accordingly also on inhuman temperatures. No wonder they are a potential risk of injury in the summer. The problem can be avoided with a simple trick. Keep the seat belt fastened even after leaving the car. The sun can not heat up the metal part and you can safely buckle yourself and your loved ones.

Why you should keep your seatbelt fastened in summer

Why you should leave the belt fastened in summer

A hanging shelf for shoes as an organizer

Especially if you have children, you often ask yourself: where to put all the toys, drinking cups, charging cables and snacks? Quickly, the back seat becomes an area of chaos, in which you end up finding nothing at all. Our tip is therefore the use of a hanging rack for shoes. Here everything finds a fixed place and the disorder has an end. Everything can be found quickly and easily now that you can see everything at a glance. This option is much cheaper than a traditional car seat organizer.

A hanging rack for shoes as an organizer

First aid for a stone chip

A stone chip always comes unexpectedly and unintentionally. But what to do when it happens? To prevent the crack from spreading or dirt buildup from complicating the repair, quick action is needed. If you wait too long, you risk having to replace the entire windshield with every kilometer you drive. Therefore, you should clean the affected area, apply nail polish or superglue and seal the whole thing with scotch tape or parcel tape. Now you can continue driving with peace of mind and without risk until you can have the crack repaired.

First aid for a stone chip

A self-made phone holder

If you depend on the GPS of your cell phone while driving, but you don't have a passenger who can hold the phone and you don't have an overpriced cell phone holder from a specialty store, you're facing quite a challenge. This is not only impractical, but downright dangerous. You can effortlessly make your own cell phone holder while there. All you need is a standard rubber band. Thread that through the vents on the center console, and then slide your phone into the loops. It will keep it in place and save you a lot of money.

A homemade phone holder

Cool down a hot car faster

There is nothing worse than having to sit in a car that has been parked outside in the sun for hours in summer. It can often take a few minutes to feel like you can breathe again after opening the door. To speed up the whole process a bit, you can lower the window on the passenger side and make quick open and close movements with the driver's door for a few seconds. This allows a better supply of fresh air and at the same time removes the hot, stuffy air from the car.

Cool down a hot car faster

Cool down a hot car faster

Dryer Wipes Instead Of Air Freshener

Air fresheners not only cost a lot of money, they usually don't last very long and smell overly intense and artificial to boot. But how else to stop the bad odors in the car? There are some people who swear by an open pack of dryer sheets in the car. These are not only inexpensive, but will keep your car fresh and smelling great for up to six months. The smell is much less intrusive and unpleasant odors are efficiently absorbed. In addition, there is a wide selection of different fragrances.

Dryer Cloths Instead Of Air Freshener

The Nano Car Scratch Repair Cloth

Now this is not a classic hack, but an investment that in our opinion does not get the attention it deserves. This multifunctional cloth can make a big difference in a variety of areas, thanks to its nanotechnology. This includes removing car scratches and stains, restoring vehicle color and preserving paint finishes. The cloth may be used 10 to 15 times according to the manufacturer's specifications. In the end, if you are not convinced of the effectiveness, you can take advantage of the one year limited warranty and contact the company.

The Nano Car Scratch Repair Cloth

Scented wax cubes instead of air freshener

Not only dryer sheets are suitable as a DIY air freshener. We have another insider tip for you on how to turn your car into a feel-good oasis. All you need is a few of the heavenly smelling wax cubes, which you put in an old canning jar. Then drill a few holes in the lid so the scent can spread nice and evenly later on. The heat in the car melts the wax and fills the car with a pleasant scent.

Fragrance wax cubes instead of air freshener

Measure the tire tread correctly

The tread depth of your tire should be measured regularly. They are one of the most used parts of the car and are crucial to ensuring our safety on the road. Don't worry: as important as measuring is, it's just as simple. All you need is a 1 euro coin. The coin must now simply be inserted into one of the large profile grooves. In case the golden edge is just covered, or even still peeking out, the minimum tread depth of 4 mm has not been reached. If you see no more golden edge, you can drive on without hesitation.

Measuring the tread correctly

Order in the cup holder

We must confess that we often use our cup holder for all sorts of things, not only for our morning coffee or the cold Coke between meals. To protect the cup holder and keep it clean and tidy, there is an ingenious trick. Simply buy a silicone muffin cup of the appropriate size and place it in the cup holder. Keeps her change where it should and lets you effortlessly remove and clean it when needed. The silicone also keeps a tight grip on her coffee mug and prevents accidental spills. Keeping order can be so simple.

Order in the drink holder

Save space With snap hook

You unexpectedly get another passenger, but where is he going to sit?? On the back seat are the purchases from the previous day, bags, umbrellas and much more. With the help of this ingenious trick, you can reclaim space in your back seat for potential passengers. All you need is a large carabiner, such as a stroller hook, to attach to your headrests. Here finds all bags and Co. You'll find out how much space you actually have in your car.

Saving space with snap hooks

A muffin tray For the bulk order

No household should be without a muffin tray. But it is much more than just a baking utensil. This clever trick can make your everyday life a little easier or at least the next children's birthday party. When you have to pick up a large order at a fast food chain, bring a muffin tray and a basket to go with it. Why do you ask yourself? When you see the 10 drinks in the unstable cardboard cup holders, you'll know why. Save your car from a potential disaster with this large and resilient cup holder.

A muffin tray for the bulk order

Plastic bags on the wing mirror

That the winter is not easy, we have already found in this listing enough. Trick and tips we already have for car lock, windshield, stuck in the snow, etc. executed. We have another equally ingenious trick for the exterior mirrors. To prevent them from freezing in winter, two plastic bags are the way to go. Just put it over your mirror before a cold winter night and secure it with a rubber band or a clothespin. Voila, the next morning they're free of ice and you can start the day with full visibility.

Plastic minutes on the rear view mirror

Why you should always have some cat litter in the trunk in winter

The winter is slippery, cold and for drivers also often exhausting. This trick takes snow and ice something of their terror. Cat litter can be a faithful friend in need, so it's wise to always have some in your trunk. The next time you get your car stuck in the snow or ice, just spread some grit around your tires. This will give you the grip you need to get your car out of snow hell. Please do not use the clumping type.

Why you should always have some cat litter in the trunk in winter

Another cat litter trick

An at least equally clever use for cat litter can be found in its property to bind the air humidity. For this, keep a bowl or a sock full of cat litter in the car. Thanks to the special feature, on the one hand, prevents the inside of the car to ice up. And that's not all. You will notice that your windshield fogs up so much less. So you kill two birds with one stone. Sounds perhaps unbelievable, but really works. Promised!

Another cat litter trick

Ready to hand thanks to adhesive hooks

Often it's the little things that we need a place to keep easily accessible. Since Corona, the first hand movement when leaving the car automatically goes to the medical mouth mask. But where to store them without impairing visibility, such as on the rear-view mirror?? An adhesive hook is, in our opinion, the best option. Simply attach it to the bottom of your door. Also keys or a small purse finds its place there.

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