You are homesick ? That’s okay! Homesickness Remedy


When you feel homesick, sometimes you just want to snap your fingers and be back home. But think about your situation for a second – many people feel homesick at important times in their lives. University, a new job, a new relationship or even a trip around the world. And it might feel hard now, but it will probably be worth it in the long run!

That's why this article will give you some practical tips to make you feel a little better. And while no one really knows how to combat homesickness with immediate effect, there are remedies for homesickness that may help you.

Here are some tips to combat homesickness, so you can feel better in no time at all.

What to do about homesickness when that feeling bothers you?

What to do about homesickness when it's too heavy on your mind? It's human, but try not to think about it too much. When we start to miss home sweet home, sometimes we panic and start to think that it is a sign that we are in the wrong place. We often don't know what to do then. If you feel homesick, remember that it's a perfectly normal reaction to a change of scenery. Focus on making yourself as comfortable as possible in your new surroundings.

Accept the situation

Admitting to yourself "I'm homesick" is perfectly fine and even helpful. Accepting your feelings is a positive step in the right direction. It's also normal to think about home or ask your loved ones for their tips on how to beat homesickness – they've probably all been homesick at one time or another. Sometimes all you need is a good cry: it's healthy to let out your feelings this way, and you'll definitely feel better afterwards.

Sometimes it can be incredibly good to just let the tears flow freely. Keep a pack of Tempo soft & sensitive on hand for when things get a little too much for you.

Home comforts can help fight homesickness

Feeling at home is one of the best ways to relieve homesickness. Treat yourself to some home comforts, such as your favorite childhood snacks, cozy blankets and candles. Even if you're just traveling as a backpacker, you can take a few things with you that make you feel at home, like a fuzzy sweater or your favorite podcast.

Start to be happy about where you are now

It might be helpful to think about the positive aspects of the place you are in right now. What else can you do for homesickness? Do something! Find out what there is to see and do in your new environment. Maybe there's a great art scene you didn't know about, or a pizza place people rave about. For example, you could get up very early and walk around the new area when the streets are lit up by a beautiful, sunny morning light and are emptier than usual.

Still not sure what helps with homesickness?

What helps with homesickness when it doesn't subside? If your homesickness lingers for a while or you keep thinking to yourself, "I'm homesick!", think about maybe seeking professional help or talking to a doctor. Up to a point, homesickness is perfectly natural and usually there's no need to worry. But you shouldn't have to put up with it permanently on the sly, silently, if it doesn't wear off after a certain amount of time in your new environment.

The most important thing is to understand that your homesickness will pass. Eventually, you'll get used to your new place – maybe you'll even take it to your heart more than the place you originally missed! It will help you get out, build relationships and make connections with new places and people. And another great way to help yourself is to help them out. Helping people in your new community has both physical and emotional benefits. It will not only help you fight your homesickness, but help others, help relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and release the "happy hormone" serotonin. If this is not good news!

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